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Sun, Aug. 10th, 2008, 02:46 am
Writer's Block: Invisibility On

What would you do if you were invisible for 24 hours?

This one's definitely an easy one. If I were invisible for 24 hours, I believe that my first act would be to visit the nearest boy's locker room and do some spying, definitely with nose plugs. I mean, I'm curious, and I'd love to know how the atmosphere differs from that of a girl's locker room. Of course, I'd even it out with a girl's locker room trip, and that would be equally exciting, with my enjoying the best of both genders, after all. Course, me living in the south would most likely mean that unless I got really lucky, I'd get to witness some of the more undisciplined physiques, but I'm willing to take that risk in the name of science!
After that grew old, I'd embark upon some generic pranks and tasks carried out in the name of mischief-making. I daresay I'd be tempted to do evil while invisible (depending upon the extent of my invisibility), and havoc would certainly be wrought.
For the latter part of the day, I'd probably use my attributes to pester the bar scene clients, using invisible touches to arouse and confound. After all, one shouldn't waste one's useful talents.